Cantata on Revelation

A brand new work composed around the text of the book of Revelation

For choir, piano, bass and drums

Resources available for local choirs (French only)

Te Deum

Classical-jazz-gospel: transcending musical barriers ‘a diversity that explodes in every domain…’

3 vocal ensembles, piano, percussion double-bass and sax.


A classical choir, a gospel choir and fifteen instrumentalists join forces around the confession of faith that unites Christians of all traditions, combining the rhythms of today with those of the past.



Or faith from afar
A musical dialogue that offers subject matter of rare pertinence about the contemporary perception of the ‘sacred’. Piano, 7-string guitar, voice, choirs, a touch of jazz

The Trilogy of Cantatas for church choirs

Voici Noël

A celebration of the coming of Christ on earth: the story of the Incarnation from Genesis to the birth of Christ

Vie sur Terre

Leads us in Christ’s footsteps from his baptism to his entry into Jerusalem

Chemin de Pâques

The events of Holy Week from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to his death and resurrection


Songs for worship and liturgical responses