Te Deum classical-jazz-gospel: beyond musical frontiers

‘A diversity that explodes in every domain… musical, devotional, mood, time: a reconciliation of styles, traditions, history and modernity.’ Jean-Luc Gadreau

Innovative in its juxtaposition of styles, this trilingual classical, jazz, gospel setting of the powerful ancient text of the Te Deum brings together 3 contrasting vocal ensembles and 4 instrumentalists With its musical diversity, the composition combines a respect for our musical roots with a desire to incorporate more contemporary influences, engaging in a unique reconciliatory dialogue between different musical worlds.

Orchestrated for a Latin classical choir, English jazz-gospel vocal group, French vocal quartet and four musicians, the work last for an hour, divided into 12 movements.

Next concert, 17 June, Basel, Switzerland, Festival Nacht des Glaubens, 23h in the Stadtcasino


Recorded at Real World Studios,and distributed by Bayard Music and Pias, the CD brought together the Bath Camerata, BBC award-winning British Choir, conducted by Benjamin Goodson,English and French jazz-gospel singers from exceptional ensembles such as the ‘Swingles’, ‘Get Gospel’ or Kingdom Choir. . The singers are accompanied by four instrumentalists, on piano, percussion, double-bass and sax/clarinet, including regular players at Ronnie Scott’s.

In concert

The work has been performed by the Bath Camerata at the premiere at the Festival de Sevenoaks, and at the Temple du Saint Esprit, Paris, by the Choir of Grenelle at the Templede l’Etoile in Paris and at the Théâtre de Fontenay-le-Fleury and by the Ensemble Lux Aeterna in Strasbourg and Mulhouse.

A concert in Cambridge in the autumn 2022 is under discussion

The Te Deum will be performed in Bâle, with le Choeur de Grenelle at the Festival Nacht des Glaubens on 17 June 2022, in the Stadtcasino, at 23h

Scores available

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Grand score for choir directior – pdf
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Classical choir vocal score in pdf
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English jazz-gospel vocal score in pdf
English jazz-gospel vocal score printed version

French jazz-gospel vocal score in pdf
French jazz-gospel vocal score printed version

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