15 songs To accompany the rhythm of worship: welcome, praise, repentance, blessing…

Music varying in style to reflect the diversity of church worship.

Resources which are also varied according to the need: score for piano or guitar, for a worship group, fin unisson or in 4 part harmony.

The title is a reference to Psalms 120-134, the 15 songs of ‘cantiques des degrés’ ‘songs of ascent’ in English, to accompany a people on a journey, towards a feast day. The texts alternate original creations with re-workings of historic and biblical texts

Degrés wasconceived in collaboration with 3 pastors, for the texts : Alexandre ANTOINE (ADD), Gilles BOUCOMONT (EPUdF) et Jean-Luc GADREAU (FEEB)

The song ‘Viens nous parler’ text by Jean-Luc Gadreau, sung by the choir of 1000 directed by John at Protestants en Fête, at Bercy Stadium (now Accor Arena) in 2013.

Full piano score – PDF

Full vocal score with passages in 4 part harmony – PDF

Most people will sing Degrés in fairly simple form – with voice, piano or guitar But scores for other instruments exist. (List of instruments in each song)
If you’re interested by this, please purchase the Grand Score for all these instruments, and contact us. We will then send you PDFs for the individual instruments for free.
Grand score – piano, guitar, voice and other instruments – PDF

LIturgican responses – free resource

In addition to the Degrés project, a series of liturgical responses was created, with the last 2 being adapted from songs from the Degrés CD.

Responses mp3 zip file – download and extract

Responses piano score

Responses, voice and chords


Organ score