‘A real treat.’ The performers were fully integrated: not outside the work, but immersed in it.’

‘Transcendent’ – ‘chiseled in gold’ – ‘between heaven and earth’ – ‘dazzling’

‘An atomic bomb!!! , … harmonies which are difficult to describe but which touch the depths of the soul… You don’t notice time passing, it’s as if you’re suspended in time…

‘An instrument of resurrection.’


‘A free universe without walls’ Réforme

‘A subtle, delicately worked, thoughtful piece’ La Croix

‘Masterful’ Regards Protestants 

‘An explosively successful gamble’ Chantons en église 

‘A colossal project’ Paul & Séphora 

‘A manifestly worshipful and passionate work’  Church Times 

‘A brilliant and profound work’ Christ Seul

‘The audience reaction says all you need to know about the performances: this is a work that speaks to people and engages them. I’m certain it has a long future and will continue to bring audiences to their feet.’ Benjamin Goodson director of bath Camerata, of The Netherlands Radio Choir, and assistant director of Rundfunkchor Berlin.