La Fin du Commencement

New cantata based on the book of Revelation

Things are moving forward!

THE VISUAL has been chosen.
Beyond the Gate, Richard van der Aa – Normandie suite : 2021 Oilstick on paper, 50 x 50 cm.

The RECORDING of the choir took place at the end of February. Below, two short extracts, no edits, whet your appetite.

Thanks to all that took part
Judith Flessel-Toto, Hannah Featherstone, Alexia Rabé, Nawale, Louise Debaecker, Marie-Laure Kleville, Leslie Delplanque, Eona Touzet, Jean-Michel Beaubrun, Jean-Marc Lerigab, Ludwig Nestor, Matthew Featherstone, Mathis Capiaux and Manu Vince.
Direction – Olivier Cline.

We hope to bring the album out in the autumn, together with scores for choirs and rehearsal mp3s..

CONCERTS – in Paris in November.

Some have already contacted usto express interest in performing with us.